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the random nemo_toad

random rambellings and rants of a crazy freak

imogen :)
22 August 1985
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i am imogen. people call me imogen or imo or nemo.
i like music. a lot.
i write music reviews for the student paper sometimes, if they get in.
i love to go to gigs and buy CD's, my bank balance however does not.
here are some of the random things i love: the words serendipity and random, beads on my bag and arms, fairy lights, cheese (all types especially halloumi), olives (especially green pimento stuffed), very strong black coffee (and how hyper it makes me), ladybirds, steve lamacq, steve lamacq's autobiography, being alone in the house and being able to turn music very loud and sing my heart out, snowflakes, rainbows, cuddles, sad songs on the radio, dancing without a care in the world, musicals, places that do student discount, alternative music shops, feeding ducks, watching thunderstorms, long soaks in the bath with candles and lush bathbombs,
i love the bassment (especially hospital radio, best night ever!) and rock city (and the bassment in rock city)
i studied human genetics at the university of leeds and now I am in the world of graduates who temp. One day I want to do something with my degree.
Most weekends I can be found somewhere underneath the Yorkshire Dales or Peak District, climbing, abseilling, prussiking, crawling and genenerally getting covered in mud and brusises whilst having an ace time. Otherwise try bernies where we'll be faffing and drinking lots of tea.